Last year I came down this road looking for an old friend. I didn't realize at the time that this surprise visit would mean more than what I had in mind. I walked up and down the street more times than I can recall. From the main street to my hotel, I turned right onto the pathway along the river, then straight through the town's tulip garden. My stomach was warped in anticipation of the look in my friend's eyes. I walked until my feet could no longer carry me. I spotted the red door. It was my landmark. Night had replaced day by the time I saw my friend standing in the window. My heart melted. I wondered how we had drifted apart. Above us dangled a golden diamond from the sky. Across the way I saw a twinkle in the sea. A boat, a guiding light, a dream or a star in the sea? It must be a sign. My friend and I, we had a telepathic connection. We often joked that at birth our souls were joint cosmically. Poetically. Serendipitously. There I was. Brave. Scared. Happy, yet apprehensive. I didn’t know where to go with my feelings. I lingered knee deep in memories. Is it going to be the same? I mustered some strength and walked gently up the three steps I had climbed many times as a child. One time I broke an ankle. Then, another time, I fractured an arm. I rang the door bell. Once. Twice. Five times. My heart sank to my knees. I looked up at the window one more time. My friend was no longer there. The lights were off, the red door was now blue, and the bright star drowned in the sea. There was silence. Half way down the road I heard a long lost voice say to me: “Did you see the star in the sea?” I smiled.  

That was the day I understood… if it’s meant to be…it will be.